Co-operative members from Mato Grosso visit the Espriu Foundation’s institutions


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Co-operative members from Mato Grosso visit the Espriu Foundation’s institutions

On 17 May a delegation of doctors and managers from the Unimed medical co-operatives and the OCB (Organisation of Brazilian Co-operatives) from the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, headed by Dr. Onofre Cezário, the President of the organisation, met with Dr. José Carlos Guisado, the Vice-President of the Espriu Foundation, at the organisation’s offices in Madrid.

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During the meeting they discussed issues of common interest, while Dr. Guisado had the opportunity to explain to the Brazilian delegation the objectives and activities undertaken by the institution bearing Dr. Espriu’s name, while also giving them an overview of the health co-operative movement in Spain and the institutions which support the Espriu Foundation.

Two days later, on 19 May, the delegation moved on to Barcelona to attend a working session held at Hospital de Barcelona. During the event Dr. Gerard Martí, Deputy Medical Director of Hospital de Barcelona and one of the Espriu Foundation’s trustees, gave a presentation dealing with the concept and functioning of the co-operative hospital where the workshop was staged, along with the activity and relationship which exist among the institutions which make Grup Assistència. The delegates at the meeting exchanged opinions and experiences on different aspects of co-operative and hospital management and raised a number of possible future forms of co-operation between the Espriu Foundation and Mato Grosso’s health co-operatives.

Dr. Martí then accompanied the Brazilian co-operative members on a visit of the hospital’s facilities, giving them the chance to find out about some of the most innovative apparatus with which the hospital is equipped.

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