Vimmerby University visits Barcelona Hospital


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Vimmerby University visits Barcelona Hospital

On 25 April, a group of Swedish students from Vimmerby University took part at an information session at Barcelona Hospital, where they were welcomed by the President of the Espriu Foundation, Teresa Basurte. The group, made up of 20 Medical Secretariat students and lecturers, had the chance to learn at first hand about how the hospital works, the co-operative structure of Scias, the hospital’s owner, and its interrelationship with the Autogestió Sanitària co-operative, together with which it makes up Grup Assistència.

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Gerard Martí, Trustee of the Espriu Foundation and Deputy Medical Director of Barcelona Hospital, explained to the students how the centre is organised, in accordance with its specific characteristics, and the foundations governing its daily operations. Meanwhile, Hospital Admissions Head Jordi Martí, explained to the Swedish University students how the administrative processes are handled.

To draw the session to a close, the students were taken on a tour of the premises, allowing them to see, among other aspects, the administrative management of the laboratory and the clinical information archive process.

Vimmerby University, which was founded in 1956, specialises in healthcare studies, and provides its students with the skills required for their professional development in this field.

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