Unimed Minas Gerais Federation visits Hospital de Barcelona


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Unimed Minas Gerais Federation visits Hospital de Barcelona

On 13 October, a group of doctors and executives from the Unimed medical cooperatives in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, participated in a work day held at the Hospital de Barcelona.

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The session began with an introduction to the foundational goals, objectives and activities of the Espriu Foundation. After this, Dr. Gerard Martí, Deputy Medical Director of the Hospital de Barcelona and trustee of the Espriu Foundation, made a presentation that covered the concept and functioning of the cooperative hospital where the session took place as well as the activities and interrelationship between the institutions that form the Grup Assistència.

Later, Dr. Martí accompanied the Brazilian cooperative members during their tour of the hospital facilities through which they were able to discover some of the most innovative equipment with which the hospital is equipped.

The day ended with a fruitful debate and exchange of experiences and opinions among the Unimed doctors and the Espriu Foundation representatives.

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