Teresa Basurte, new president of SCIAS


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Teresa Basurte, new president of SCIAS

The board of Instalaciones Asistenciales Sanitarias SCIAS has designated María Teresa Basurte as the new president of the cooperative, taking over from Josep María Reygosa.

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Basurte has been a member of SCIAS since 1979 and insured with Asistència Sanitària Col.legial since 1961. She has been a member of the cooperative teams since its foundation and she participated on the resource committee for four years. She has been a member of the board since 2004.

As new president of SCIAS, a cooperative that belongs to the Espriu Foundation, Basurte has joined to the board of trustees of this institution. Josep Valles has also recently taken over from Enric Josa, both also being representatives of the users cooperative. With regards to Lavinia, the cooperative of doctors which is member of the Espriu Foundation, Dr. Concepción Guerra has been appointed as member of the board of trustees.

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