Regional Health Minister visits Hospital de Barcelona


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Regional Health Minister visits Hospital de Barcelona

Teresa Basurte, President of SCIAS Barcelona Hospital, Lourdes Mas, its Managing Director and Dr Ignacio Orce, President of Assistència Sanitària, welcomed the Catalan Regional Health Minister, Dr Boi Ruiz, on his visit to the hospital on 6 February. Other members of the organisation’s executive team, including Dr Carlos Humet, Medical Director, Dr Gerard Martí, Deputy Director of the Hospital, and Roser Cot, Director of Care, accompanied the minister on his tour.

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Dr Boi Ruiz visited all the different services and units at Barcelona Hospital and showed an interested in the techniques and clinical procedures performed there. The surgical area had been recently refurbished and he was keen to see it. While there he complied with the strict clothing, cleanliness and disinfection protocol. He was also able to see for himself the considerable improvements in users’ experience thanks to various changes made to the infrastructure of the building over recent years.

After the tour they moved on to the function room, where the executive team presented the organisation’s detailed results which are of particular interest as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the opening of Barcelona Hospital which was the main reason for the minister’s visit.

Last September Assistència Sanitària received the Josep Trueta Health Merit Award from the Catalan Regional Government and the Assistència Group took the opportunity Dr Boi Ruiz’s visit award him its gold insignia in recognition of his leading role in promoting and supporting the institution.

The minister spoke to the managers and staff at Barcelona Hospital, emphasising its specific role and its work, both of which give it a unique standing nationally. During this speech, Dr Boi Ruiz said how proud he felt of being the minister for health for people working within the private sector who contribute, like those at Barcelona Hospital, through their efforts and creativity to the Catalan people’s quality of healthcare.

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