Professionals from Japan and South Korea visited the Hospital de Barcelona


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Professionals from Japan and South Korea visited the Hospital de Barcelona

Barcelona Hospital, which belongs to the SCIAS co-operative, is an example of co-operation between the users of healthcare services and medical professionals. Its distinctive formula of governance and its high-quality standards are features that prove of great interest to doctors, hospital management professionals and senior figures from public health authorities in other countries, who travel to Barcelona to learn about the venture first hand.

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On 28 April, a delegation of executives from a number of hospitals in South Korea visited Barcelona Hospital, where they met up with Teresa Basurte, President of the Espriu Foundation, and Dr Gerard Martí, Deputy Medical Director at the hospital. During the meeting, which also involved Anna Vila, Coordinator of Barcelona Hospital’s PAPPA (Pluri-pathological Patient Care Programme), dealt with issues connected with care for elderly patients.

The Korean delegation showed particular interest in the PAPPA programme that, thanks to a team of doctors, geriatric specialist and nurses, in collaboration with the Home Emergency Service, offers elderly patients with chronic illnesses comprehensive and personalised care at home, avoiding the need for unnecessary and inconvenient journeys by the patients, and covers all their health problems in a holistic manner.

Visita Japón

El Dr. Xavier Sanz presentó el sistema de gestión de calidad del Hospital de Barcelona a la delegació japonesa

On 3 May a delegation from the National Association of Hospitals of Japan, that represents more than 2,200 centres, mostly private institutions, comprising Hirotoshi Nishizawa, the President of the Association, and various presidents of Japanese hospitals, took part in an information session staged at Barcelona Hospital. On this occasion Genís Carrasco, President of the Health Quality and Management Commission of the ACES (Catalan Association of Health Entities), and Xavier Sanz, Quality Manager at Barcelona Hospital, along with Teresa Basurte and Dr Martí, explained in detail the care quality management processes undertaken both at the SCIAS co-operative hospital and at the centres belonging to ACES.

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