Participation of the Espriu Foundation in the General Assembly of FederazioneSanità


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Participation of the Espriu Foundation in the General Assembly of FederazioneSanità

The Espriu Foundation, the world’s fourth largest network of health co-operatives, participated in the General Assembly of FederazioneSanità, held today in Rome, alongside Italian healthcare, pharmaceutical and social health co-operatives.

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The managing director of the Espriu Foundation and President of the International Health Co-operatives Organization (IHCO), Carlos Zarco, shared his vision of co-operative healthcare at the international level, analysing the current situation of this concept and the challenges it faces.

“Health co-operatives have an essential role to play in societies which are committed to improving their health protection systems,” according to Zarco. “This is why we think it is important to take part in meetings like FederationeSanità, where we can share our knowledge and experience of co-operative healthcare and try to contribute possible solutions to today’s problems,” he concluded.

As well as Zarco’s speech, the Assembly featured talks by other experts, with the overarching theme “Rethinking our National Health Service: the third way of cooperation”, discussing matters such as primary care in Italy, or the tertiary sector and healthcare.

The Italian Assembly of FederazioneSanità brings together many cooperators involved in providing social and healthcare services in different areas (comprehensive home care, mental health, nursing home care, general medicine, and pharmaceutical services, among others) to discuss co-operative healthcare and its challenges in Italy.

At present there are around 11,000 active cooperatives in the Italian healthcare sector, with a total turnover of 15.3 billion euros and over 368,000 jobs created directly, most of which are long-term positions and held by women.



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