Participation of the Espriu Foundation in the 42nd General Assembly of ASISA and Lavinia


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Participation of the Espriu Foundation in the 42nd General Assembly of ASISA and Lavinia

The Espriu Foundation, the fourth largest network of health cooperatives in the world, took part in the 42nd General Assembly of ASISA and Lavinia SC, two of its member cooperatives, which set the main principles and policy to be developed over the coming year.

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Cartel de la 42º Asamblea General de ASISA y Lavinia

The gathering, which took place on 4, 5 and 6 June at the Teatro Real de Madrid, brought together representatives of the 11,000 doctors who make up Lavinia SC, allowing them to share their visions for the social medical system.

Along with Autogestió Sanitària and Scias, Lavinia and Asisa make up the Espriu Foundation, one of the eight largest Social Economy business groups in Spain, according to data from the Spanish Social Economy Employers’ Confederation (CEPES). As a group, they provide healthcare to over 2.2 million citizens and generate 56,000 jobs.

During the Assembly, Lavinia representatives discussed results for the last financial year and they approved the guidelines for the group’s actions. In addition, they renewed their trust in the Governing Council, whose president has been Francisco Ivorra since 2003.

Lavinia SC, founded in 1976 by Dr Josep Espriu and sole owner of ASISA and the HLA Hospital Group, wanted to demonstrate through its results and institutional experience how cooperativism is a business model that works successfully in competitive environments and markets such as private healthcare and insurance. The ASISA group forms part of the Social Economy as it is guided by the principles and values of cooperativism. 

Carlos Zarco, managing Director of the Espriu Foundation, explained that “all Lavinia SC’s profits are reinvested to improve the quality of healthcare and to provide all its businesses with the most efficient resources and innovations.”

Lavinia SC’s leadership was highlighted during the assembly, with examples given of ASISA’s public-private cooperation. Emphasis was also placed on how the group has modernized over recent years, allowing for better resource management with the aim of offering the best possible service.



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