New Director appointed at Cooperatives Europe


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New Director appointed at Cooperatives Europe

The Cooperatives Europe Board of Directors has appointed Klaus Niederländer as the new Director of Cooperatives Europe asbl and as the Regional Director for Europe of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).

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Klaus Niederländer has a professional background in enterprise development via his experience as a financial analyst, management consultant and SME programme manager in Europe, Africa and the USA. He has a Masters degree in European Economics and BA in Business). He has hands-on experience of developing cooperative enterprises and movements in various countries of Africa ( the artisanal textile sector and for the development of fairtrade cotton). Cooperative development has deep roots in his family’s history with their involvement in the creation and development of the local cooperative banking and agricultural sector in the South Western part of Germany.

Etienne Pflimlin and Felice Scalvini, co-Presidents of Cooperatives Europe, in announcing the appointment said, «We and the Board of Directors look forward to working with Klaus Niederländer to take the organisation into its next phase of development whilst continuing to defend and to promote the viability of the co-operative business model throughout Europe. Klaus has demonstrated that he has the skills, knowledge and the ability necessary for this demanding role but also that he has the proven interest in developing the sustainable economy of tomorrow and is committed to using our cooperative principles as a lever for change.»

Mr. Niederländer takes up the appointment on 15 November 2010 succeeding Rainer Schlüter who was Director until April 2010.

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