Leonardo Cocciro visits the Espriu Foundation


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Leonardo Cocciro visits the Espriu Foundation

On 27 June, Leonardo Cocciro, Head of Resources and Marketing at FAESS, the Argentine Federation of Health Solidarity Organisations, travelled to Barcelona to discover for himself the reality of the Espriu Foundation’s institutions.

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Mr Cocciro had the chance to visit the facilities at Hospital of Barcelona, owned by the SCIAS cooperative, and to exchange opinions with Teresa Basurte, the President of SCIAS and of the Espriu Foundation.

He later met with Dr José Carlos Guisado, Espriu Foundation’s CEO, who provided him with extensive information about the activities and interrelationships of the institutions which make up Grup Assistència and Grupo ASISA. At their meeting they likewise exchanged opinions and experiences about different aspects of co-operative and hospital management, and debated lines for collaboration in the future between the Espriu Foundation and the Argentine Federation.

FAESS as an institution aims to bring together users and health providers in order to achieve implementation of a health service model based on solidarity, focusing on co-operatives, mutual societies and other socially committed sectors, governed by the principles of cooperation. It is an associate of the International Health Co-operative Organisation, IHCO, and its President, Dr Ricardo Lopez, likewise sits on the organisation’s Board.

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