Lavinia commits to digital transformation to strengthen growth


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Lavinia commits to digital transformation to strengthen growth

Lavinia Societat Cooperativa, ASISA’s sole shareholder, held its 42nd Annual General Assembly at the Teatro Real in Madrid in June. At the event, the company’s overall development and results were examined and its strategy’s central principles for the coming years were set out.

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The meeting had as its subtitle Road to Digital Transformation and this transformation will now be the main company’s main commitment. This means that it will continue to fi ne-tune all its management processes, it will develop a new customer relations model and continue to encourage growth. Over the coming years, the ASISA Group will also continue to develop its own healthcare network, to diversify its insurance operations and seek out investment opportunities so as to expand overseas.

During the assembly, Dr Francisco Ivorra, President of the ASISA Group, stated that “since 2010, the ASISA Group has maintained a trend of year-on-year growth with stable results in an increasingly competitive marketplace allowing us to view the future with ambition as well as peace of mind. In order to continue to compete securely within this scenario, our Group has three major focuses for new development: activity within its own networks providing services, diversifi cation of insurance products, and internationalisation. All this will be achieved with the support of a digital transformation process so that we can continue to innovate within all our procedures and systems. This will help to obtain the utmost effi ciency and success in the relationship demanded by our insured clients, patients and customers.”

The assembly’s closing speech was given by Enrique Ruiz Escudero, the Madrid Regional Health Minister, who stressed the contribution made by private health in supporting the public healthcare system and the importance of the public-private partnership in healthcare.

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