IHCO and CICOPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding


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IHCO and CICOPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding

The International Health Co-operatives Organisation (IHCO) and the International Organisation of Industrial, Artisanal and Service Producers’ Co-operatives (CICOPA) have agreed to a memorandum of understanding to boost collaboration among these two International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) sectoral organisations.

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On 24 April, the President of the IHCO, José Carlos Guisado, and the President of the CICOPA, Manuel Mariscal, signed the agreement through which both organizations acknowledge they share the same views on principles, the co-operative identity and development cooperation and wish to formalise a strategic alliance to search for and identify areas for collaboration in all spheres of mutual interest that may benefit their members.

The purpose of the memorandum of understanding is to search for common ground for members of both sectoral organisations and foster their collaboration all while promoting the co-operative business model as a development tool and reinforce the representation of healthcare, production and service co-operatives in international organisations.

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