The Hospital of Barcelona brings together over 1,100 surgeons in its Surgery Unit


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The Hospital of Barcelona brings together over 1,100 surgeons in its Surgery Unit

The Surgery Unit is a fundamental part of the entire hospital centre. Since the centre’s opening on Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona, this service has seen intense activity. Over the course of 2016, 15,604 surgical operations were carried out, of which 14,092 were planned and 1,512 were emergencies. Over 1,100 Assistència Sanitària medical staff surgeons used this service’s facilities.

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With the aim of avoiding incidents and adverse events that can occur when operating on a patient, the Hospital of Barcelona’s Surgery Unit prioritises the integration of tools, organisation and technology of the highest level year after year, affirms Aurora Yuste, coordinator of the unit.

Ongoing improvement and patient safety are two of the main objectives of the Surgery Unit of the Hospital of Barcelona. The use of fluorescence in neurosurgery is a perfect example of this.  New technological features were incorporated in 2017, including programmable infusion pumps, normothermia blankets, a C-arm for endovascular surgery, selective intubation for thoracic surgery, lifts for obese patients, disposable fibrescopes for selective intubation, and a hydraulic positioner for shoulder arthroscopy which allows to keep the joint positioned correctly during surgery.

The Surgery Unit of the Hospital of Barcelona is being updated continuously to provide better service for the patients who depend on the professionals from our institutions and the optimal technical and safety conditions.

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