Homage to Doctor Espriu


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Homage to Doctor Espriu

On Monday 13 October the Fundación Espriu gathered in Barcelona 1,800 people to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Dr Josep Espriu.

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The event, characterised by the affection and recollection felt for the founder, was attended by the Regional Minister of Health of the Catalan Government, Boi Ruiz, and the Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, both of whom are doctors, who emphasised the importance which the institutions created by Dr Espriu have for health in Spain.

The President of the Espriu Foundation and of the Scias co-operative, Teresa Basurte, and the Presidents of Assistència Sanitària, Ignacio Orce and of ASISA, Francisco Ivorra, warmly paid tribute in their addresses to the stature of Dr Espriu, acknowledging him as one of the most important figures in Spanish health in the 20th century.

The tribute also featured the premiere of the documentary Un Sueño Centenario, produced specifically for the occasion, and to round things off the attendees were treated to a performance by the Symphonic Orchestra of El Vallès.

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