Health co-operatives, a tool for health promotion


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Health co-operatives, a tool for health promotion

How to transfer successful experiences in the field of health promotion from grassroots to global policy. That was one of the major aspects debated by delegates at the 2nd Forum for Health Promotion held in Geneva on 20 November.

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The event, which was organised by the Alliance for Health Promotion and sponsored by the World Health Organization and International Health Co-operatives Organisation, IHCO, involved leaders and experts from a range of organisations associated with health promotion, including the IHCO President and Espriu Foundation CEO, José Carlos Guisado.

The leader of the health co-operative movement proposed the co-operative model as an important organisational tool in spreading human rights and equality throughout the world. «According to a study published by Worldwatch Institute, membership of co-operatives has risen to 1 billion people in 96 countries» declared Dr Guisado.

Health co-operatives are a useful tool for health promotion. Co-operative members are engaged with the community, and encourage the development of decisive health factors. Meanwhile, health co-operatives are better able to withstand periods of crisis than commercial companies, and have a positive effect on levels of employment and the well-being of families.

The Alliance for Health Promotion, to which the Espriu Foundation belongs, is a platform of NGOs and civil society organisations connected with the WHO, working to improve and implement on the ground policies to promote and protect health.

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