Fundación Espriu turns 25


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Fundación Espriu turns 25

Fundación Espriu this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. Dr Espriu’s vision was to create a health care model which would lend dignity to the relationship between doctor and patient, a model led by people, through cooperatives of doctors and cooperatives of users.

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That vision which Dr Espriu developed so outstandingly, thanks to the host of fine individuals and professionals whom he convinced to accompany him on his venture, that initial spark has today become an international beacon offering hope to the doctors and patients worldwide who have chosen to espouse Dr Espriu’s proposal.

Fundación Espriu brings together Asisa and Lavinia, the flagship institutions of the Asisa Group, and the Autogestió Sanitària and Scias cooperatives, which make up the Assistència Group. The mission of Fundación Espriu is to promote the co-operative health model, ensuring that it adapts to all social situations so as to champion satisfactory social medicine. «Each of the organisations belongs to the same idea, and the virtue of Dr Espriu’s project lies precisely in how it has lasted over the years, and successfully adapted to the evolution of society», asserts Teresa Basurte, President of Fundación Espriu.

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