Espriu Foundation, the world’s third-largest health co-operative


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Espriu Foundation, the world’s third-largest health co-operative

The World Co-operative Monitor 2014, presented during the International Summit of Co-operatives in Québec City, lists the Espriu Foundation in third place worldwide in the ranking of institutions classifying health co-operatives in accordance with their annual turnover.

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Disregarding the sector of operations, the ranking also reveals that the Espriu Foundation would be among the 300 largest co-operatives in the world by the same criterion, being placed 237th.

The study also includes an indicator based on the ratio between annual turnover and GDP per capita in the country to which the organisation analysed belongs. GDP is defined as the monetary value of the final output of goods and services of a country during a year. GDP per capita measures the purchasing power of a country in order to allow for international comparisons. In other words, the relativisation of the turnover of co-operatives in terms of GDP per capita establishes a more uniform indicator allowing for more precise comparisons. In the case of the Espriu Foundation, this indicator would place it 175th out of the 300 largest co-operatives in the world.

Produced by the International Co-operative Alliance and the European Research Institute on Co-operative and Social Enterprise, and sponsored by the Espriu Foundation, the World Co-operative Monitor is intended to expand and enhance the information available regarding co-operatives, in order to present a detailed vision of their true contribution to well-being in countries around the world. The data which it contains clearly demonstrate the scale and viability of co-operative enterprises as an alternative to the traditional capital enterprise model.

This year’s edition compiles information on 1,926 co-operatives belonging to 65 countries, with a total turnover in 2012 of 2,623.1 billion USD (2,105.68 billion euros). 68% of the co-operatives studied turn over more than 100 million dollars (80.3 million euros).

The study highlighted the fact that the turnover of the 300 largest co-operatives rose by 11.6% over the period 2010-2012, amounting in this last year to 2.2 trillion dollars (1.77 trillion euros), the equivalent of the GDP of Brazil.

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