Espriu Foundation takes part at Global Forum on Health Promotion


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Espriu Foundation takes part at Global Forum on Health Promotion

On 12 November, Espriu Foundation Director-General Carlos Zarco, took part at the Global Forum on Health Promotion held at the headquarters of the World Health Organization in Geneva, jointly organised by the WHO and the Alliance for Health Promotion.

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During his address Dr Zarco celebrated the recent declaration passed by the UN General Assembly on Universal Health Coverage, setting out the benefits of cooperative enterprises in the health sector. «Cooperatives are an efficient business model that can prove a particularly suitable organisational instrument in translating the recommendations of the UN's political declaration into concrete actions to improve health coverage for the population. »

The forum, which debated the general theme of "Health Promotion: A Critical Pathway to Achieving Universal Health Coverage", likewise featured the Deputy Director-General Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab and the Assistant Director-General for Universal Health Coverage, Dr Naoko Yamamoto, alongside other WHO directors and representatives of governments, civil society and international organisations.

The video of the forum is available on the WHO website: (Dr Zarco's speech from 1h30)

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