Espriu Foundation participates in the John Hopkins University Philanthropy Project


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Espriu Foundation participates in the John Hopkins University Philanthropy Project

A training session was held this past July 7, at the Hospital de Barcelona for participants in the biannual Johns Hopkins University International Philanthropy Fellows Conference.

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After a short welcoming message from Josep O. Gras, Vice-President of the Espriu Foundation, and Teresa Basurte, President of the SCIAS Cooperative, Espriu Foundation Director Estanislau Simón introduced university researchers to the health care cooperative system and described the undertakings at the Espriu Foundation.

Later, Gerard Martí, Deputy Medical Director at the hospital, offered a speech that covered four main topics: the description and function of the Hospital de Barcelona, the values and mission of the SCIAS Cooperative, which owns the facilities, the activities of the Autogestiò Sanitària Cooperative, and the services that are offered by the insurance company Assistència Sanitària. He concluded his presentation with a discussion of the practical application of the concept of co-management between users and professionals, realised in Grup Assistència.

This session was part of the activities organised for the 19th International Program at Johns Hopkins University. This event, entitled “Beyond the Welfare State: The Third Sector and the New Tendencies in Social Welfare Policy in Europe—The Case of Spain” was held in Barcelona from the 6th to the 9th of July. In reference to the situation in Spain, during the conference, which was sponsored locally by the CIES (Economic and Society Research Centre) and the University of Barcelona, the President of the IHCO (International Health Care Organization), José C. Guisado, presented on “Health Care Co-operatives in Spain.”

The Johns Hopkins Centre for Civil Society Studies is a US institution whose objective is to research and better understand the functioning of non-profit organisations in civil societies, both in the U.S. and around the world, in order to encourage the contribution of these organisations to democracy and improvements in the standard of living of citizens within democracies. The Centre is part of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies which researches, trains and exchanges information both at the national and international level.

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