The Espriu Foundation, one of the leading business groups in the social economy of Spain


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The Espriu Foundation, one of the leading business groups in the social economy of Spain

The Espriu Foundation is among the eight most important business groups of the Spanish social economy, according to the ‘Relevant Enterprises of the Social Economy’ report created by the Spanish Confederation of Social Economy Enterprises (CEPES) using data furnished by its 26 partners, including the Espriu Foundation.

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Published for the 11th consecutive year, this document contains data relating to revenue, employment, activity sector and geographic scope. The Espriu Foundation, which comprises the health co-operatives Assistència Sanitària, SCIAS Lavinia and Asisa, takes first place in the ranking for healthcare activities and social services.

Employment data from the report cites 57,448 as the number of people employed nationwide by the Espriu Foundation. On the other hand, the entity brings in 1.742 billion Euros in revenue.

Highest-paid doctors

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the socio-economic impact of these companies on the Social Economy; companies whose very DNA prioritises people and social values over financial gain. What’s more, profits are reinvested to grow the company and create more jobs.

Accordingly, the Director of the Espriu Foundation affirms that this model allows the company to generate profit while offering top-quality medical assistance with the latest technology and the best salaries for its doctors.

He also stressed that among the values of cooperatives are self-help, responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. “We work within a framework of social responsibility, ensuring the well-being of others”, declared Zarco.

The Social Economy of Spain is made up of 43,000 companies, representing 12.5% of the nation’s employment and a revenue of around 10% of GDP.

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