Espriu Foundation to analyse the role of health co-operatives and their contribution to SDGs


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Espriu Foundation to analyse the role of health co-operatives and their contribution to SDGs

Espriu Foundation –the world’s fourth largest health co-operative network– will this Saturday take part in the general assembly of IHCO (International Health Co-operative Organisation), a meeting in which its partners, who are leaders of health co-operatives in various countries, will share their experiences and viewpoints on the activities of health co-operatives and their challenges for the future.

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During the assembly, various representatives of the IHCO will take part in the round table The Contribution of Health Cooperatives to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), to exchange local and national experiences on how health co-operatives contribute to complying with SDG 3 of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda which stands to guarantee a healthy life and promote the well-being of all people.

In this sense, some of the issues to be discussed in the debate will be the the strengths which health co-operatives have to achieve universal health coverage, their stance on working with public healthcare systems and their role in improving access to quality healthcare services.

In addition, it will reflect on how the cooperatives can ensure that families with financial difficulties receive the medical care they need, as well as the contribution IHCO can make so that governments and citizens better understand the role and potential of health cooperatives.

Strategic plan for a new cooperative decade

The Espriu Foundation will also attend the general assembly of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), to be held this Sunday in Buenos Aires within the framework of the 5th Cooperatives of the Americas Summit.

As a private, not-for-profit entity whose objective is to promote, disseminate and develop comprehensive co-operative healthcare, the Espriu Foundation, through this assembly, will take part in a debate on how to develop a new cooperative strategic plan for the next decade, coinciding with ICA's 125th anniversary in 2020.

ICA, the international spokesbody for the cooperative movement, represents 1.2 billion cooperative members and 10% of people employed worldwide.



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