The entities comprising the Espriu Foundation improve quality and accessibility in healthcare


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The entities comprising the Espriu Foundation improve quality and accessibility in healthcare

The four health co-operatives that the Espriu Foundation comprises (Autogestió Sanitària, Lavinia, Scias and Asisa) free up resources and encourage savings for the public healthcare system. These co-operatives are also first-rate strategic allies when it comes to improving quality and accessibility in citizens’ healthcare, thus fostering sustainability.

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This is apparent from the Spanish version of the World Co-operative Monitor 2017, the only report to gather annual quantitative data on the global co-operative movement, recently presented at the International Co-operative Alliance’s (ACI) Global Conference.

Despite being private organisations, co-operatives have a distinctly open character, demonstrating complete willingness to work collaboratively with the public health system, as explained by the Director of the Espriu Foundation, Carlos Zarco. In this respect, he has stated that this collaboration is put into practice by means of a mutual understanding with the public health system for performing diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures, or, for instance, by providing medical coverage to civil servants and managing public facilities through administrative concessions.

Similarly, the document shows that health co-operatives are committed to society and demonstrate a “true commitment” to people and their surroundings. In addition to boosting healthcare services, health co-operatives also promote other activities in the areas of culture, education, sports and help for underprivileged groups.

The entities that the Espriu Foundation comprises, providing medical service to almost 5% of the population, aim to bridge the disparities between the supply and demand for medical care, and between responsible cost management and offering the highest possible quality in the provision of healthcare.

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