Embryologist Klaus Wiemer delivers a seminar at Gravida


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Embryologist Klaus Wiemer delivers a seminar at Gravida

A large group of gynaecologists from the Assistència Sanitària medical lists with a particular interest in human assisted reproduction attended the seminar “Oogenesis: its relevance in the clinical sector”, organised by Gravida and held in the Hospital de Barcelona auditorium.

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The leading American embryologist Klaus Wiemer, director of the Poma Fertility Laboratory in Seattle and an external consultant of Gravida, had the task of delivering an address intended not only to refresh the knowledge of medical professionals, but also to establish a dialogue among those attending, many of whom took part in the animated discussion which followed.

The seminar, presented by Dr Carlos Humet, Medical Director of Barcelona Hospital, and introduced by Dr Carmen Márquez of Gravida, was delivered in English. After it finished refreshments were served for those who attended on the terrace of the cafeteria. The satisfaction of the participants was evident during the debate, particularly in relation to the thesis presented by Dr Wiemer, who has been a pioneer in the successful introduction of a number of human assisted reproduction treatments.

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