Dirk Lehnhoff, new President of Cooperatives Europe


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Dirk Lehnhoff, new President of Cooperatives Europe

The Cooperatives Europe assembly held on 6 May in Istanbul, Turkey chose German Dirk Lehnhoff as the new President after obtaining the support of two thirds of the delegates. Lehnhoff is responsible for international relations and member of the Board of DGRV, the organisation that represents the German co-operative movement.

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The organisation’s board was also renewed at the assembly with the re-election of the Chairman of the Spanish Social Economy Enterprise Confederation (CEPES), Juan Antonio Pedreño, who thus ensures the participation and presence of Spanish co-operativism within the body that leads the organisation and its representation in the European co-operative movement in Brussels.

A roundtable was also held at the assembly with 20 European co-operative leaders including Espriu Foundation CEO Dr José Carlos Guisado, with debate on issues of strategic importance to the co-operative movement. The participants coincided on the need to foster inter-cooperation among co-operatives. Despite the diversity of sizes and sectors, the future challenges posed must be faced with joint actions. Also made clear was the need to professionalise the governing of co-operatives by improving their efficiency and ensuring elected members are fully trained.

Cooperatives Europe is the European regional organisation of the International Co-operative Alliance. It is currently made up of 91 members from 35 European countries and represents 160,000 co-operative companies on the European continent which generate more than 5.4 million jobs.

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