Delegations from Brazil, China and South Korea visit Barcelona Hospital


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Delegations from Brazil, China and South Korea visit Barcelona Hospital

Hospital de Barcelona, conceived of 25 years ago through a spirit of service, and as the product of the collaboration of hospital professionals and users, has today become a byword in the field, attracting the interest of both doctors and professionals and also government officials from other countries, who travel to Barcelona to learn about this initiative at first hand.

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On 12 September a group of hospital executives and lawyers specialising in health care matters from Beijing visited Hospital de Barcelona and met with Teresa Basurte, the President of the Espriu Foundation, and with Gerard Martí, the Deputy Medical Director of the hospital.

On 22 September, a delegation of medical co-operatives from the Unimed Cerrado federation in the Brazilian states of Goiás, Tocantins and Distrito Federal took part at an information session held at the co-operative hospital. Gerard Martí and José Carlos Guisado explained the reality of the medical institution and of the care network provided by the institutions which make up the Espriu Foundation, while answering the questions raised by the professional delegates from Brazil.

Three days later, representatives of the health co-operative department of the South Korean government visited the SCIAS co-operative hospital and met with managers of the Espriu Foundation in order to learn about the details of managing a co-operative hospital, and the structure given to the relationship between the different agents associated with the institution.

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