Cooperativism makes healthcare more accessible through new technologies


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Cooperativism makes healthcare more accessible through new technologies

The cooperatives that comprise the Espriu Foundation (Assistencia Sanitaria, SCIAS, Lavinia and Asisa) have developed a series of digital tools aimed at offering their users more comprehensive and accessible services, helping them to manage their health more efficiently.

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The aim is to speed up and simplify the administrative procedures, therefore sparing patients from unnecessary calls and visits. This ultimately means saving on costs and waiting times, while also improving safety and enhancing the quality of patient care, as explained by the Director of the Espriu Foundation, Carlos Zarco.

In the case of cooperatives, implementing new technologies encourages and improves the members’ involvement, which is in fact one of the cornerstones of a model that strives for doctors and users to get actively involved in shaping healthcare.

Among the new features that have been developed are mobile applications, the Patient Portal for managing appointments and obtaining information concerning medical records without having to go to the healthcare centre, web platforms with attached blogs and the creation of a patient involvement area enabling the patients themselves to share and exchange ideas.

These digital tools will further develop the users’ involvement, allowing for a deeper and more agile knowledge of the type of medical assistance that is being offered at any particular time. On another note, Zarco has stressed that health cooperatives will strengthen the connection will all kinds of medical initiatives, meaning that the voice of healthcare cooperativism will become increasingly present in these environments.

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