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Compartir: a new era

The magazine Compartir is once again being published. Having taken a break for a few months, the Espriu Foundation's publication is again available to all readers at

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Dating back nearly 30 years, the magazine founded by Dr Josep Espriu himself in 1991 continues its task of promoting health cooperatives and social medicine.

Its goal is as always to be the flagship publication in the field of cooperative healthcare. In this new era, though, the magazine will stand out for its innovative approach in terms of format, design and content, in line with the latest trends in the field of communication and periodicals.

The Espriu Foundation aims to produce a magazine that is easy to read, with a modern and highly graphical design, giving it particular visual appeal. Readers will find articles and features of the utmost interest and relevancy, covering the social economy, health, culture and healthy lifestyles.

The intention is to use the publication to show that both Assistència Sanitaria and Asisa remain firmly committed to society. Beyond the excellent healthcare they provide, as social enterprises they dedicate efforts and develop initiatives in tune with the principles of the cooperative movement, contributing towards cohesion and welfare in their social, professional, cultural and environmental context.

During this new era all content will remain available free of charge, in three languages and in digital format. A new version of the magazine website,, has been designed, with the first edition of this new era already available online.

Visit the website and register to receive the digital version of the magazine free of charge, along with periodic updates and any new content published.

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