Clínica Santa Isabel and SCIAS Awards in Seville


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Clínica Santa Isabel and SCIAS Awards in Seville

Dr. Francisco Ivorra, president of the Espriu Foundation, ASISA and the Lavinia cooperative was awarded the XIII SCIAS Award in Seville on January 18 of this year for his support and drive in favour of co-operative health care.

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At the same event, the XIX Clínica Santa Isabel Award was granted to Dr. Manuel Eduardo Codes, chief of Medical Oncology at the Hospital Virgen Macarena and member of the Medical Oncology Unit at the Clínica Santa Isabel since 1984. This prestigious and traditional award within Andalusian health care circles is granted by popular vote from among the 1200 professional doctors in ASISA in Seville, who strive to identify the efforts shown by one their colleagues in this field.

The ASISA hospital—known as Clínica Santa Isabel—is one of the best equipped private hospitals in Andalusia. It is a leader in cardiothoracic surgery, haemodialysis, and oncology, amongst others, and provides coverage to 60,000 ASISA clients in the province of Seville.

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