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Bursaries for health professionals

Assistència Sanitària announces 9th edition of bursaries for health professionals Assistència Sanitària has now announced its 2016-2017 bursary programme, amounting to 30,000 euros for third-cycle studies at Catalan universities. The grants cover 50% of the tuition fees, with the training on offer including close on 500 masters and postgraduate courses. Candidates should apply using the procedure described in the bursaries section of the Assistència Sanitària website. The deadline for submissions is 24 April 2017.

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As an organisation made up of doctors, the aim of Assistència Sanitària is first to ensure they can practise their profession under the very best conditions, and furthermore to offer quality healthcare. Since, over and above any other factor, quality care depends on the professionals who make it possible, the organisation provides students in the health field with a programme of grants allowing them to supplement their training and improve their professional practice.

Since the programme was set up in 2008, 1,381 applications have been received from students, and 230 bursaries totalling 222,000 euros handed out. It is one of the few study grant programmes in the health field to be established and fully funded by a private institution anywhere in the country, although it has from the outset gained the recognition and collaboration of universities and the medical community.

The Assistència Sanitària bursaries, born out of the desire to promote scientific progress, research and professional qualifications, are a tool to maintain the level of excellence in the Catalan health system against a challenging backdrop, with a growing need for professionals to supplement their training. The program also serves as a platform intended to promote access to the world of employment.

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