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Building a better future for everyone

International Cooperative Day has a special meaning in 2024, as the topic chosen is “Cooperatives are building a better future for everyone”

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International Day of Cooperatives

International Cooperative Day, which is held every year on the first Saturday in July, has a special meaning in 2024, as the topic chosen is “Cooperatives are building a better future for everyone.” The celebrations and events that take place all over the world on this day, which is held on the 6th of July, show the positive, long-lasting impact of cooperative companies in the creation of fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable societies.

Cooperatives are democratic organisations controlled by their members, who are usually the same people who use their services or work in them. Unlike traditional companies, their priority does not lie in maximising profits, but rather to meet the needs of the cooperative members and contributing to the wellbeing of the community in the development of their activity. It is a business model centred on people and in line with a series of principles and values agreed upon internationally that ensure a responsible action in the social, economic and environmental areas.

This year’s topic underscores the cooperatives’ capacity to build a better future, emphasising their contribution to a more sustainable and inclusive economy. Additionally, as companies that are deep-rooted in the territory, cooperatives boost local innovation and community development, tackling specific problems in an effective way.

Globally, cooperatives play a crucial role in the economy. According to the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), over on thousand million people are linked to cooperatives that generate over 250 million jobs all over the world, in sectors as different as health, farming, insurance or banking.

International Cooperative Day, and specifically this year’s event, is an opportunity for cooperative members to celebrate their achievements and reflect on their future challenges. Events, conferences and awareness campaigns all around the world will revolve around the essential role of cooperatives in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the construction of a better future for everyone.

Cooperatives from all over the world have been celebrating Cooperatives Day for a century, but it wasn’t until 1995, the centenary of the ICA, when the General Assembly of the United Nations officially proclaimed it and established its annual holding on the first Saturday of July.

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