Barcelona Hospital refurbishes its Paediatrics Area


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Barcelona Hospital refurbishes its Paediatrics Area

This refurbishment will allow paediatrics and neonatal services to be located on the fifth floor of Barcelona Hospital with children’s ER.

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SCIAS has decided to allocate a sizeable part of its investment plan to an ambitious refurbishment of the paediatrics floor in order to continue to develop this hugely important field of medicine.

Consulting rooms and public spaces will be refurbished and equipment improved and updated. The concept of family-centred care has created a new focus in the treatment of children, which recognises their parents and family as a constant in their lives even when they are admitted to hospital. 

Because of this, the unit’s new design will take into account the need to adapt to the changes occurring in the care of these special patients.

As a result of the refurbishment, the 5th floor of Barcelona Hospital will house the paediatrics and neonatal services as well as paediatric emergencies, which for some years have been dealt with separately from adults and in a different location. It is believed that this will improve the care received by child patients.

A highly specialised professional team has been built up in the field of paediatric medicine over more than 25 years and this new approach shows Assistència Sanitària’s commitment to providing the highest quality of medical care in the maternity and infant area.



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