Barcelona Hospital, a model for neuro-development


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Barcelona Hospital, a model for neuro-development

In Mid-November the medical institution will be the venue for a gathering of newborn neurological development specialists.

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On 16 and 17 November, Barcelona Hospital will be staging one of the leading events in Spain focused on of newborn baby development with a high neurological risk. The NeNe Foundation, a non-profi t organisation dedicated to training, research and dissemination of information concerning neurological problems in newborn babies, chose the hospital as its partner in the organisation of the third of its courses, directed by Dr Miriam Martínez-Biarge (Hammersmith Hospital, London), Dr Alfredo García-Alix (Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, Barcelona) and Xavier Demestre (SCIAS Hospital, Barcelona).

The course is aimed at neonatal specialists, general paediatricians, neuro-paediatricians, psychologists and rehabilitation staff, with the contents divided into four blocks: prematurity, perinatal hypoxic-ischemic aggression, congenital heart conditions and infectious diseases. The aims of the course, which will be held to coincide with World Prematurity Day, focus firstly on offering a comprehensive, systematic and up-to-date vision of the various neuro-development problems faced by newborn babies with these conditions. Its second aim is to teach how to identify those factors that could provide early prediction of the emergence of problems in different areas, along with their severity. Lastly, there will be an explanation of how to design individualised monitoring programmes tailored to the specific needs of each patient and each family.

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