Barcelona Hospital Internal Medicine Service, a great example of healthcare research


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Barcelona Hospital Internal Medicine Service, a great example of healthcare research

The Internal Medicine Service (‘Servei de Medicina Interna’, or ‘SMI’) is essential to Barcelona Hospital which handles more than 32,000 patients every year. It mainly deals with the patients being treated by the service itself but it handles consultations from other specialists too. It also carries out daily examinations of the positive cultures of samples from hospitalised patients in order to optimise appropriate antibiotic treatment from immediately after a positive result is obtained which ensures no patient is left untreated.

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It also has a programme for making sure the handling of antibiotics is efficient in controlling the environment of the hospital and improve patient safety whilst it is also involved in the VINCAT Nosocomial Infection Control Programme of Catalonia, which allows it to compare itself with its neighbouring hospitals.

The most comprehensive medical specialism     
Dr Yolanda Meije, a specialist in infectious diseases, is the current Head of Barcelona Hospital’s SMI Infectious pathology. ‘’It is the area of expertise that I trained in, a subject that always fascinated me from when I first started studying medicine. My aim every day is for my patients to benefit from the knowledge I have built up over the course of my professional career,” says Dr Meije.

Travel unit
The Barcelona Hospital dedicates considerable effort to caring for travellers hence the creation the Travel Clinic, a service which informs travellers of the measures they need to take in order to prevent health problems while they are abroad. It also advises patients with chronic conditions or those currently undergoing treatment on important issues such as adapting their medication to changes in time zone, information about hygiene, what to do in the event of injury and how to prepare a first aid kit depending on the country they plan to visit.

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