Assistència Sanitària offers 30 bursaries for health professionals


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Assistència Sanitària offers 30 bursaries for health professionals

The sixth edition of the Assistència Sanitària bursary programme, endowed with a 30,000 euro budget, is intended to develop the ongoing training of health professionals, ensuring that they improve their own employment prospects, and also the healthcare system as a whole. With a particular emphasis on nursing, the training offered includes some 500 master’s and postgraduate courses at all Catalan universities.

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Assistència Sanitària has announced the start of the application period for its study bursary programme for health professionals who, having gained their qualifications, wish to supplement their training by means of third-cycle study. For the sixth consecutive year, 30,000 euros will be allocated to an initiative which covers 65 official master’s and 426 university-sanctioned master’s and postgraduate courses at all Catalan universities and associated establishments offering training in the field of Health. The bursaries cover 50% of each applicant’s tuition fees.

The aim of the Assistència Sanitària bursaries is to serve as a tool maintaining and underpinning the level of excellence of the Catalan healthcare system against a complex backdrop, with an increasing need for professionals to supplement their training. The majority of the applicants are drawn from the ranks of nurses and doctors, although the program is open to all health professionals in the broadest sense, and the increase year on year in the number of applications received turn this sixth edition into a platform designed to foster access to the world of employment. Over recent years there has been a notable increase in registrations on official postgraduate programmes.

Since the scheme was set up in 2008 it has received some 700 applications from students, with bursaries worth more than 130,000 euros having been awarded. The initiative, born out of Assistència Sanitària’s desire to foster scientific progress, research and professional publications, has since the outset enjoyed the collaboration and recognition of Catalan universities and the medical community. The regulations are available to all interested parties on the organisation’s website.

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