Assistència Sanitària and the UB sign a strategic cooperation agreement


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Assistència Sanitària and the UB sign a strategic cooperation agreement

The cooperation agreement between Assistència Sanitària and the University of Barcelona (UB) will make it possible to foster new joint academic and research relations. The objective is to exchange knowledge and skills that allow for the growth of doctors and nurses so as to offer patients a better service.

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Moreover, the Assistència Sanitària Grant Programme, in its second year, is increasing the amount of its awards per student and expanding its educational offer.

The President of Assistència Sanitària, Dr. Ignacio Orce, and the Dean of the University of Barcelona, Dídac Ramírez, have signed a strategic cooperation agreement which shows the interest of both organizations in creating ties and collaborating in the teaching, education and participation of health care professionals. Taking advantage of the synergies between the two entities, the idea is to combine care giving with teaching and research, thereby creating a vehicle to attain excellence in the Catalan health care system. Specifically, the projects will focus on actions related to neonatology and paediatrics, assisted reproduction techniques, management of health centres and organizations, molecular bio-pathology and collaboration between public and private health care.

The framework agreement also sets up the second edition of the Assistència Sanitària Grant Programme, which will benefit students in the third cycle of health education with an aim to improve their professional qualifications and facilitate job placements. With a 30,000 euro fund, the assistance will pay for 50% of the amount of the registration fees for master’s or postgraduate programmes (includes more than 200 official and university-specific degrees) and will be granted to doctors and nurses who study during the 2009-2010 academic year. In an effort to support medical professionals and participate in their continuing education, the grant programme is aimed at third cycle studies so that the impact on the profession is practically immediate, with special emphasis on nursing in recognition of work that is essential to the proper functioning of the health care system.

Besides study grants, Assistència Sanitària will collaborate with UB teaching master’s, doctoral, post-graduate and research courses, fostering student and instructor exchanges in order to enrich their knowledge and skills. Other joint debate and experience exchange actions will be planned such as sharing information on research topics, publications, seminars, public events, presentations, conferences and teaching materials.

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