ASISA signs agreement with UNESCO Chair in Bioethics network


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ASISA signs agreement with UNESCO Chair in Bioethics network

The ASISA Group has signed a partnership agreement with the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics network in order to work together in the field of medical ethics. The ASISA Group is Spain’s first healthcare organisation to sign a partnership agreement with this UNESCO network, one of the most prestigious in the world in the field of bioethics.

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The agreement signed with the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics network is based on the work carried out by the ASSISI-Lavinia Bioethics and Health Law Committee. It will allow the ASISA Group to take a decisive step forward in its commitment to improving the quality of healthcare and promoting respect for the rights of patients, users and professionals.

ASISA CEO, Dr Enrique de Porres, pointed out that “ASISA was the first healthcare organisation in Spain to set up a Bioethics and Health Law Committee and, again in the field of bioethics, ASISA is the first healthcare organization in the country to collaborate with UNESCO in this area. We felt that our commitment to integrate ethics into daily clinical practice and to offer our professionals the tools to resolve any ethical or legal conflict in clinical healthcare practice was essential in a health sector undergoing a profound transformation. Working together with the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics places us,” he added, “at the forefront of medical ethics worldwide, and will allow us to maintain our role as pioneers in this field”.

The partnership agreement signed by the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and ASISA recognises certain strategic approaches that the two organisations share, such as: support for teaching and research in the field of health, social care and social science; development of social initiatives to benefit underprivileged groups and sectors; encouraging the spread of social and health care, and specifically the development of the discipline of Bioethics in Spain, throughout healthcare provision.

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