50th anniversary of the Vistahermosa Clinic


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50th anniversary of the Vistahermosa Clinic

The ASISA Group’s Vistahermosa Clinic is now 50 years of age, during which time it has grown from a maternity and infant care clinic to become a leading hospital in the field of private healthcare in Alicante, equipped with cutting-edge units and the latest technologies.

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The Vistahermosa Clinic was set up as a maternity clinic, expanded as a medical and surgical establishment, and is now a major hospital. With a history dating back 50 years, it faces up to the challenges of Spain’s new care model in excellent health. The construction work performed less than 10 years ago served to increase the surface area by some 3,850 square metres to the current figure of 10,381 square metres, increasing the hospital admissions capacity from 66 to 87 individual rooms with a bed for a companion.

The portfolio of services covers more than 30 specialist medical and surgical fields, with a structure comprising: Hospital Admissions Department, Walk-in Hospital, Surgical Department, with 9 operating theatres (6 general and 3 ophthalmological), Intensive Care Unit, with 6 bays, Intermediate Neonatal Care Unit, Emergency Department, Haemodialysis Department and a new Specialist Centre (Vistahermosa 76), with these services operating alongside a range of care units equipped with the latest technology.

The hospital deals with more than 66,000 appointments every year, sees over 7,000 patients admitted, handles more than 33,000 emergencies, over 6,000 operations and 145,000 diagnostic tests.

Vistahermosa Clinic has a workforce of close on 400 healthcare professionals, who maintain a process of continuous training in order to guarantee the highest levels of quality in patient care. It is this which allows the clinic to achieve satisfaction indices in excess of 8.5 points.

In the words of Dr Francisco Ivorra, ASISA President and Vice-President of the Espriu Foundation, “more than two decades ago ASISA made a commitment to create a quality hospital in Alicante which would establish itself as a beacon for healthcare in the province. Our aim involved turning Vistahermosa into what it is today: a hospital offering practically every service, specialist units performing innovative techniques, with a modern organisational system in place, and above all a strategy tied to the aim of continued expansion and development on the basis of a principle of excellence”.

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