20 years of Moncloa Hospital


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20 years of Moncloa Hospital

Moncloa Hospital, run by ASISA, one of the Fundación Espriu’s institutions, has now clocked up twenty years of dedication to offering optimum healthcare to all its patients, in an effective, efficient manner, providing personalised treatment to the more than 320,000 patients who attend the establishment each year.

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Ever since it was opened as a clinic in 1993 by the then Minister of Health, Ángeles Amador, its President, Francisco Carreño, the Manager, Luis Ortiz, and Josep Espriu, the father of the co-operative health movement, today’s Moncloa Hospital has become the flagship of the ASISA group, and over the years has handled more than 1,700,000 emergency cases, while performing 275,000 surgical operations.

Asisa President Dr. Francisco Ivorra has emphasised the evolution of Moncloa Hospital, characterised by its highly direct relationship of trust between doctor and patient, based on unrestricted patient choice, while offering the highest level of healthcare in both scientific and technological terms.

Over recent years there have been major advances in the field of healthcare at Moncloa Hospital, such as the introduction of a new integrated clinical records tool, the opening of a new assisted human reproduction unit, the complete expansion of the surgical department and the cardiac electrophysiology unit, as well as the creation of a new medical examination unit and other projects.

Certified and perceived quality

Immersed as it is in a process of continuous innovation in quality management, it was the first health establishment in Spain to be awarded the European EFQM badge of excellence at the 500+ points level, as well as the ‘Madrid Excelente’ badge of approval. It also holds ISO 9001 certification for all its services, ISO 14001 for Environmental Quality and Forética’s SGE 21, which rewards corporate social responsibility and ethical management.

Moncloa Hospital has likewise demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility by signing up to the United Nations Global Compact, and was recognised by the Sanitaria 2000 group for care quality in the Madrid Autonomous Region, by the journal Medical Economics and the La Rebotica programme for its humanist contribution in the social and healthcare field. It has furthermore been awarded the Silver Antenna accolade for best hospital-based communication.

Dedication to teaching and research

Moncloa Hospital has ever since it was launched been committed to promoting education in order to achieve the continuous enhancement of care quality. One of the most significant milestones achieved is the signature of three partnership agreements with universities in Madrid, namely the Francisco de Vitoria University, the Madrid European University and CEU San Pablo University. Particular mention should be made of the University Hospital status awarded to the establishment in 2013, when it began to receive its first students from the Medical Faculty of Madrid European University.

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